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The purME mask

The purME black face maskThe purME black face mask

Today I received the purME mask. A mask that’s comfy and offers real protection against allergens, droplets, particles and virii like COVID-19 and other pathogens. It definitely feels more effective than other masks. Available in black, white and see-through. with a variety of detailing options available.

I opted for the Black mask, which came with the black valve cap covers I ordered silver but was told that they decided not to produce them. The purME has taken the best features from a variety of designs to provide the protection of an industrial respirator while retaining the portability and comfort of its lightweight competitors.

The airflow valves are rather nice. With N95 level HEPA filters included for daily use, or an optional upgrade available to provide P100 level (99.8%)protection.

Designed completely from scratch, the shape is crafted to fit most faces for a comfortable and secure fit. Made from silicone, the purMe combines comfort with excellent protection. The facepiece is both durable and flexible, as well as machine washable. Just take it apart first, as the filters aren’t waterproof.

The two airflow ports on the front of the mask can be easily converted from bi-directional filtering to one-way airflow, depending on your needs. You do however need a pair of pliers to help fit the valves. Filtering particles both in and out, the one-way airflow design gives a better seal and comfort. I tried this but changed back to bidirectional to see how it suited me. I much preferred it.

It definitely filters the air as when you breathe in, it grips onto your face more firmly. The harness which goes around the back of the head and around your ears takes a little getting used to, however, it is comfy.
I like this mask…


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