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är Big logo Grey FaceMask

är Big logo Grey FaceMask

Today I received my är face mask this is a lovely high-quality face mask which is comfortable and comes with high-quality replaceable filters. The only issue is I would like a back of the neck type of straps on it. I find the around-the-ear type uncomfortable.

At Approx €29.90 the masks price tag is probably a little more than most of the majority of masks on the market, but unlike the majority of reusable face coverings. The är face mask makes the claim that they reduce 99% of viruses with their ViralOff® treatment Nano-technology filters that block up to 99.8% of viruses, pollution and pollen. All this, thanks to a revolutionary self-cleaning function which was developed in Sweden and has been scientifically tested and verified.

Each adjustable mask comes with a replaceable nano-filter, which are sold separately in packs for about €13. Each filter comprises of three layers and the nanofibers within the filter are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. The brand recommends that you replace them every two weeks but maybe more frequently in city-centres.

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