EXPOSÉ 4 Released

Ballistic Publishing have announced the release of EXPOSÉ 4, the latest annual publication of the world’s best digital art. If EXPOSÉ 4 is anything like its predecessors, then it is a must have for your digital art library. EXPOSÉ 4 is published in 3 editions; A Limited Edition Version with 16 extra pages, 12 Art Prints and a deluxe leather and gold foil binding, and also in hardcover and softcover versions. For more information about EXPOSÉ 4 visit Ballistic Publishing.

The Art of Adi Granov

Adi Granov is a comic book artist and digital artist who grew up in bosnia duru=ing the war years spent a couple of years in croatia and now lives in the UK. His work adorns the covers of Marvels’ Current Iron Man Series. Marvel comics named him as one of their “Young Guns” in August 2005. The Young Guns are a group of artists who Marvel believe have the qualities that make a leading light in the world of comic art. He worked with comic book writer Warren Ellis on the post-Avengers Disassembled relaunch of Iron Man. His work has a highly polished quality to it and reflects this young artists talent at illustrating. The Art of Adi Granov is well worth a visit.

Bud Plant – Books, Art and Comics

For a number of years now, I’ve been a collector of Comics, Art and Photography Books. One of my favorite sources for books has been Bud Plant, who are a specialist store based out of Grass Valley, CA. Bud Plant is also a collector who began in the early 1960’s by collecting comic books. He set up the Bud Plant Store in 1970 and expanded the variety of products to include art books, graphic novels, comic strip collections, comics, books on illustrators from the past and present, popular culture, erotic art and photography, and countless other products. They specialize in rare and out of print books as well as limited and specialist items. If you are looking for something not generally found at amazon then give them a try. Visit Bud Plant here.

Ashley Arrasmith

Ashley is an artist who work has an interesting dreamy and yet textural quality to it. Her work has a very strong graphical nature which reminds me of the works of Erte, Aubrey Beardsley and more recently Christopher Shy. Although a talented artist in the traditional sense she largely uses digital tools for her creations. Ashley lists amongst her influences Art Nouveau, the works of Gustav Klimt, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Harry Clarke and Aubrey Beardsley whom I mentioned above. I highly recommend you pay a visit to her website,