Solutions and Services

Digital Imaging and Photography

Great designs for print or the web, start with great photos and imagery. We are experienced professionals who can photograph anything needed, ­ products, environments, people ­ or work with your own photo stock. We can retouch, restore and enhance your existing photos and images or create great new digital compositions.
• We shoot 35mm and digital for web, print, posters & multimedia.
• 25 years digital imaging experience.
• Talk to us about your photo and imaging needs.

Corporate Identity & Brand Development

When you are competing for attention in a crowded marketplace, first impressions mean a lot. A professional and targeted corporate brand is essential for success and it’s more than just a cool logo. Georgiou Digital Imaging and Design focuses first on understanding your corporate vision, products and market. We then engineer a strategy designed to achieve your goals.
• Give us the opportunity to design your company image and your campaigns.
• Whatever your needs, we enhance the way in which you want to approach your customers.


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Production of Promotional & Marketing Materials

Corporate identities & brand development are effectively delivered by high quality, economically priced printing services. Production management by Georgiou Digital Imaging and Design draws attention to your brand, products & image. We cover every detail – from business cards to posters, marketing materials to product documentation and advertising.
• Brochures, reports, newsletters & promo materials.
• Posters, signs, film & digital images.
• Packaging & stationery.

Web Design and Internet Support

We work with you to create professional web site designs that deliver information quickly, clearly and effectively. We’re committed to helping businesses define their Internet needs to achieve or exceed objectives. Great web sites promote and support your merchandise & services. We create inexpensive & dynamic Web sites which attract customers!
• We focus on providing solutions which make sense and aren’t filled with unnecessary gimmicks or features.

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Social Media and Marketing

We enhance our design and production services with a full range of research, writing, production management and completion services. Georgiou Digital Imaging and Design is supported by a team of talented writers, researchers and printers. ­ a full range of professional services which will make your company and products look great. We remove creative limits to help you get the very best out of your ideas, resources and products.
• Define and maintain your online presence though portals like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
• Research and write your marketing materials or edit existing documents and copy.
• Produce top quality product documentation and online help systems for software and hardware products.
• Research and identify effective business software solutions for your business.

IT Support Services

We also offer a full range of software based IT support,
• Research and identify effective business software solutions for your business.
• Provide your staff with training and support to meet your business software needs.
• Create custom business templates and documents.
• Assist you in managing projects and product development cycles.

Now’s the time to act!

We provide great graphic design, web design, writing and photography solutions.
• Working with every type of business and on a huge range of creative projects.
• From small projects to large, we assemble the right mix of talent and teamwork to create the best possible results.