The 24 Hour Museum – UK Art

The 24 Hour Museum lists itself as the UK’s National Virtual Museum. It offers the e-visitor dynamic content which includes daily arts and museum news as well as exhibition reviews and tours of online exhibits. In their own words “The site promotes publicly funded UK museums galleries and heritage attractions and seeks to develop new audiences for UK culture.” Visit The 24 Hour Museum today for some great art, information and links.

The Fantasy Gallery

This commercial portal is an excellent source for prints and posters of some of the best art in existence. Tim Corbett, is the owner of the Fantasy Gallery and also an avid collector of fantasy art. This love of the fantastic is reflected in the Gallery and in his favourite artists. He started trading in art as a way of financing his passion and also to make a living by working with his passions. The Online site is a virtual gateway for the real world “Fantasy Gallery” based in the Montrose area of Houston.

It features the art of fantasy and comic books, pin-ups, pre-raphaelites, sci-fi, horror, sport and wildlife based works. Tim lists the works of artists like, Thomas Canty, Brian Froud, Michael Whelan, Don Maitz, Keith Parkinson, and Steve Hanks as being his favourites. Visit the Fantasy Gallery, for some great art.

STEP Inside Design And Dynamic Graphics Magazine Launch Free Sites For Designers

In March of this year, Jupitermedia (the owner of acquired Creatas, the parent company of Dynamic Graphics and STEP Inside Design. STEP Inside Design focuses on exploring the impact of design on contemporary life, its tagline being “design from the inside out.” Dynamic Graphics magazine focuses on providing tips, tricks and shortcuts right across the design disciplines, and expert advice on the process of running a creative services based business. They are definitely worth paying a visit.

Design Is Kinky

Based out of Sydney, Australia, “Design is Kinky” was created in the late 90’s to act as an educational resource for designers. It is heavily influenced by sites such as Digitalthread,, Shift and the K10k. DIK features interviews with designers, artists, illustrators and also provides a showcase for a wider audience.

It is very concerned with current technologies and trends and also with the personalities active in the creative field. It also allows creatives to showcase their work and to share ideas and information with each other. It is conceptually very much like a webzine, visit Design is Kinky and get your design fix today.

Digital Thread

DigitalThread is a web portal which acts as a conduit to some very cool content and websites. It features a gallery of some of the best designed sites on the web, an event center, listings of design firms, font resources, book reviews, PhotoShop actions and plugins, and other design resources. Take a few hours out of your day and visit DigitalThread for some great creative brain candy.