OPI8.COM – The New Dark Culture

If your artistic tastes tend to the darker side of human nature then OPi8.com just might be your cup of tea. This is a site which focuses on the promotion of artists, writers and other creatives whose work expresses the darker extremes. OPi8.com was founded by photographer & illustrator, Chad Michael Ward and came about largely due to motivation from a friend of Chad’s Warren Ellis who is a famous writer of excellent Graphic Novels and Comics. Chad’s experience with the now defunct Reactor Magazine, which was an excellent webzine, led him to desire a more personal conduit. Visit OPI8.com you might find it a little disturbing.

Michael Kaluta

Michael William Kaluta is another one of my early artistic inspirations. His career as an illustrator has spanned over 4 decades. He first became famous for his work on The Shadow comic book in the early 1970’s. His fantasy art prints were what attracted me, as well as his association with other “The Studio” members, Jones, Wrightson, Windsor-Smith. His more recent works include producing some beautiful covers for many of DC’s Vertigo Imprint such as The Books of Magic and fantasy related titles. His love of Art Nouveau and Deco Art is evident in his works as is his penchance for fairies, angels and other denizens of the world of myths, legends and fantasy. His eye for interesting composition and design is second to none. Take a trip into Kalutas World.