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During a career spanning more than 35 years, I have led, or co-operated on, projects for a diverse range of industries, working comfortably with household names, market leaders and independent producers alike. My specialities include digital imaging, design technologies and software applications. I have a wide and varied knowledge of our industry’s core systems and software, with a proven track record of excellence delivery, making me a valuable asset to any organisation. I am currently seeking new opportunities to deploy my skills and experience, and I am open to representations from all and any interested parties.

Harrods Limited

In-store Creative Projects & Brand Guardian
October 2008 to February 2017
The position required a keen awareness of the ethos associated with this worldwide household name, and the need to safeguard against any dilution of its brand. In this multi-faceted, pivotal role, I led the in-store creative team. We were responsible for promotional artworks, directional signage and general ticketing. As a result, I helped to define the Harrods’ guidelines for all in-store visual tools.

Working in an ever-changing environment to tight deadlines, with a high turnover of customer facing signage, I held the main responsibility for design, dimensions, placing, and fitting procedures. Devising customer way-finding strategies, and overseeing their implementation also fell into my remit.

Much of the role required liaising with internal and external stakeholders. Working with the architectural team I produced large format graphics, co-branding hoardings and other exhibition graphics. This involved extensive negotiation with brands such as Prada, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Armani etc. I worked closely with the marketing team to create innovative interior and exterior visual solutions for year round seasonal promotions. I provided advice and assistance to technical teams using my high-level understanding of systems, applications and their use. I was mandated with a ‘final say’ on reciprocal image acceptance/approval on co-branding projects, with a clear remit to safeguard that which is quintessentially Harrods.

Staffing challenges led to the need for new and innovative processes, e.g. optimising software for maximum efficiency. Utilising previously unused functionality enabled my team to maximise available work time. I also procured assets, and provided training where and when necessary.

Adobe Corporation, Norwich, UK – San Jose, California, USA
User Interface Designer/Consultant
August 2005 to Dec 2005

Worked closely with development engineers and senior management on the User Interface for the pre-flight components of the next generation of their Creative Suite

  • Produced pre-flight workflows.
  • Created presentations to illustrate specifications for new product features.
  • I was responsible for producing the user experience specification guide for the product.
  • Researched competing technologies.
  • Created case studies.
  • Collaborated with product managers and development to ensure the best possible experience for users.
  • Contributed to group discussions on the User Experience and interface design for all of Adobe’s products.

Roxio Corporation, Toronto, Canada
Migration Consultant
January 2002 to June 2002
Managed the MGI Creative Services team migration to Roxio following the 2002 takeover.

  • Oversaw team culture and practice integration
  • Assisted MGI team members’ conversion to Roxio’s preferred Software language.
  • Liaised between MGI & Roxio management teams.
  • On-boarded new team lead.

MGI Software, Toronto, Canada
Consultant/Content Creation Team Lead/Designer/Art Director/Technical Consultant
August 1997 to January 2002

During this extended consultancy, I worked closely with the Product Creative Services Department and the Software Development teams to create new content for the company’s products. The content consisted of intellectual property made up of photos, videos, templates and art. Much of this was done using imaging, video and graphics tools like Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Illustrator and Others. I assessed new technologies and tools, and helped develop production techniques to aid in the content creation process.

Consulted on the creation of UI/UE customisations and Design for all of MGI’s products including the OEM adaptations of their consumer photo and video products. My Team and I carried out OEM customisations for Adaptec, ATI, Canon, Dell, Epson, Fuji, HP, IBM, Kodak, Lexmark, Logitech, Minolta, NEC, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony and other clients.

I helped define methods and techniques for creating virtual tours and panoramic photography for PhotoVista and Virtual Tourmaker. My team and I also produced much of the photography used for sample tours and product demos, using a variety of camera platforms, mounts and lens systems. We also created all the content for Reality Studio and Photovista.

For PhotoSuite II, III and IV I managed the content team and acted as senior content producer. This involved setting project objectives, researching trends and determining content parameters.

Localisation was a key concern throughout development. This required the creation of a database with templates in 20+ languages. I instigated a stringent monitoring process keeping track of translation tables, colour variances and screening out locally inappropriate images.

My role required me to carry out design reviews, and I was able to implement new design processes that resulted in increased productivity. Quality control also fell under my purview and I managed to increase efficiency by establishing a system of internal quality checks for product content. Additionally, I documented photo & video template creation processes, delivered artwork files under tight deadlines and participated in usability research. I also conducted staff training and performance evaluations.

On YM Magazine’s Virtual Makeover Magic software. I was responsible for creating the content processes for making the hairstyles and props look realistic. I sourced much of the content and props, and Art Directed all photo-shoots for the template content, props and models. I also worked closely with the development team in defining the techniques and appropriate methods for implementing the use of this content.

Other projects I significantly contributed to included
World Wrestling Federation Slam Cam where I created character and environment based templates, and prop based content, MGI’s Looney Tunes – Photofun product for Warner Bros for which I created content, props and templates using characters and material from the Looney Tunes and PhotoPro for Mattel where I collaborated on new content and customised existing TLC content to work within the constraints of the content engine designed for PhotoPro. Content creation and customisation of video centric content and templates for Cinematic and Videowave.

Independent Art Director/Designer/Digital Imaging Consultant
August 1997 to Present
I provide clients with a broad range of design, imaging and creative services including; content creation for software, multimedia authoring and video production; icon and interface design for applications and interactive kiosks, exhibition and environmental graphics; creating and applying identity programs; designing, creating and maintaining websites; creating promotional and packaging materials; business collateral; photography, and associated services, for musicians and their management companies. I have long standing affiliations with a number of consultancies and developers including Digital Gigs, Visual Infinity, Egan Teamboard and Vision Systems. I have also carried out work for the likes of Canon, Minolta, Atari, Adobe, Microsoft and many others.

The H5 Project
Partner/Creative Director/Designer
August 1996 to August 1997
Helped pioneer the development of architectural elements and fixtures utilising holographic finishes, fibre-optic technologies and ultra-light futuristic materials such as foam aluminium and electro-luminescent light panels. Some innovative projects and products I developed included:

  • Language and defining a standard for creating holographic imagery.
  • A conceptual retail environment featuring holographic treatments, fibre-optics and a unique 3D soundscape.
  • A line of designer clothing, jewellery and products utilising holographic elements, treatments and designs.
  • Created a series of edible holographic products.
  • A pioneering interactive virtual reality based online portal.

MGI Software Corp.
Designer and Product Support
November 1995 to August 1996
Responsible for in­-house graphic design, product and service bureau support. Key contributions included:

• User interface design and product development. Layout and writing of user manuals.
• Represented the company and demonstrated its design and imaging products at trade shows and to clients.
• maintained image-setting facilities, equipment and provided service bureau related services.

Digital Design Team
Partner/Senior Designer/Consultant
March 1992 to November 1995       
I carried out design work for clients with an emphasis on print and digital media. These included; American Express; Atari; CRAY; Miller Thomson; The Ontario Jockey Club; Xerox; Vea Magazine.

  • Consultant for design, typesetting, prepress production and digital output services
  • Created 1300+ functionally unique icons for DynaCADD.

I also lectured in several cities in North America on digital design techniques, technologies and practices.

DMC Publishing/ISD Marketing
Designer/Production Artist
March 1990 to October 1995
I was directly responsible for in-house graphic design and product support for their desktop Publishing and graphics software.

Created POP and promotional materials for design and desktop publishing products.

  • Creating custom fonts including foreign language character sets and glyphs.
  • User interface design, documentation and product development.
  • Layout and writing of tutorials, technical and user manuals.
  • Provided service bureau related production services and maintained imagesetting facilities and studio equipment.
  • Consulted with the company’s software developers on the application of the DTP tools they were producing.
  • Created and modified printer drivers and defined calibration curves for a variety of input and output devices.
  • Creating POP and promotional materials for the company’s design and desktop publishing products.
  • Presented and held seminars on the company’s software at trade shows across North America and Europe.

Assisted in the conversion and adaptation of the type libraries from Agfa Compugraphic, Berthold, Linotype, Monotype and URW, along with fonts from several smaller foundries.

PTG – The Publishing Technologies Group
Design Manager/Consultant
March 1989 to March 1990
Consulted on the integration of systems in the areas of database design, networking, CAD, graphics solutions and software design. My responsibilities were mainly service and support for clients of our graphics and desktop publishing services and systems.

Geo Art & Design
Art Consultant and Freelancer
January 1986 to March 1989
My first job in graphics, design and desktop publishing. I provided service to small businesses in Toronto, Canada.

Puffin Books
Exhibition Artist
March 1985
Exhibition artist at the Puffin Books Children’s Exhibition, in London, England under the supervision of illustrator Nigel McMullen.

Representative Work

Represented clients and their products at trade shows, user conferences, seminars and exhibitions (e.g. Seybold, Comdex and others). On-site secondment to clients’ customers for the purposes of product induction etc.

  • Designed and delivered presentations
  • Devised and gave seminars
  • Provided technical support.
  • Handled queries

Skills & Software
● Art Direction ● Branding & Logos ● Digital Imaging ● Exhibition Design ● Graphic Design ● Icon Design ● Large Format Graphics & Printing ● Project Management & Leadership ● Photography ● Product Design ● Product & Tech Reviews ● Retouching & Imaging ● Signage & Wayfinding ● Typography ● Vinyl Production ● UI/UX Design ● Writing
● Photoshop ● Illustrator ● InDesign ● Acrobat ● Sketch-up ● Corel Draw & Painter ● Microsoft Office ● Quark ● Font Lab ● OS-X ● Windows
● Digital & Film Cameras ● Scanners ● Large Format Printers ● Digital Presses.


B.A. Honours in Multidisciplinary Design (2.2) – 1982 – 1985
North Staffordshire Polytechnic, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Specialised in Domestic and Industrial Product Design.
Specialising in computer aided design applications, electronic product design and technology.
· Developed several lighting product concepts utilising fibre optics and fluorescing polymers.
· Produced concept studies for laptop based portable computers (1983), digital imaging based cameras (1982) and recreational and sensory environments.

· Advertising, ceramics, computer graphics and design, film and video.
· Glassware, graphic design, illustration, photography, and textile design.

Special Activities
·As a student, I was responsible for preparing and presenting several seminars, on the relationship between the Arts and Sciences since the Industrial Revolution and their effects on education.

Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies 1981-1982  
Barnet College, Hertfordshire, England

Hobbies & Interests
I have a life long love of all things photographic. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with many musicians, some quite well known, documenting their performances. Landscapes, architecture and life in general are also common themes for me, and I travel often to capture my subjects.
My collection of rare comics and books continues to grow. I regularly attend conventions and fan events. I enjoy being around people for whom the likes of Stan Lee mean something special. To that end, I recently visited London’s Comic Con.
Science fiction is another great passion of mine, especially the Star Wars stories. I own several Lightsaber reproductions, and will always be at the front of the queue when tickets for the next franchise installment are released.

I am also a published reviewer of photographic equipment, gadgetry and software.

Oriental philosophy has always been of great interest to me. I have found the mental discipline derived from this study, particularly through the martial arts, has been invaluable in my life and career. 

When at home, I enjoy watching good quality movies and television. I also love reading artbooks…