The Art of Phil Noto

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As a fan of comic art, there are many artists whose work I enjoy and collect. Phil Noto is a perfect example of just such an artist. He’s produced covers interiors and illustrations for most major characters. His work on Danger Girl, Batman, Beautiful Killer and other characters has a very unique look. The illustrations are for some reason reminiscent of the 60’s and indeed very cool. I like his style, because, it, like many of my favourites, stands out and is immediately recognizable. His work fetches good prices in the auctions and is well worth a look. To see more of his work please visit and his Blog.

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  1. I check this blog once in a while and I think you´re doing a fine job. I´ll be checking this blog more often, hope you don´t mind…

    Ps: There are some artists that make good tutorials, explaining their processes and techniques. If you think it´s a good idea to post their links I´ll be glad to help. I know this blog wasn´t developed with that purpose but…

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind comments, it’s a good idea … and something I have covered in the past. I will add more links in the next few weeks, meanwhile I’ve been busy with another project which should expand on my activities here and on my other sites…

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