Art, Design and Photography Emags

I’ve been finding a lot of free art, design and photography emags lately. Some of which you can download and some which are browser based. The beauty of these emagazines is that they use no paper and that they are really easy to use. I’ve been able to use mags in chinese without too much difficulty. Only frustration is that you need a computer to view them … roll on umpc (Ultra Mobile PC).

Some of these mags, even emulate the whole page turning experience. I think however, that as cute as this is, it’s only going to be a shortlived feature … I soon grew tired of “turning” pages. I much prefer clicking in the corner or on a button. Check out 08SHOW, it’s in chinese but should be fairly easy to follow.

Once I started exploring the site, I also came across a link to a photoshop weblog in German where there were some really cool articles. It’s well worth exploring so here’s the link.

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