Star Trek Communicator


I remember as a kid watching Star Trek on television, I knew that if one day someone made a Star Trek communicator, I would have to get one. When I first saw this device posted from The Wand Company that this would be something to watch. Sure enough, what they produced was nothing short of spectacular.



The communicator is a museum quality replica of one of the original props from Star Trek. It is made of a combination of pressed metal, aluminum, and beautifully textured plastic, as well beautifully and authentically detailed. When you flick your wrist, the grill flips opens with the actual sound effects from the show, and the speaker and functioning transceiver leave you in no doubt about the fact it actually works.

Yes, I did say “works” … this is no mere prop, it is a Bluetooth communications device which you can use to answer calls on your phone, play music and it even comes with a library of authentic sounds and messages from the original series.

The Communicator feels great, sits in your hand the way you expect it to and you find yourself smiling like the geek you are every time you flick your wrist and hear it beep just like in the series. It’s even better when you answer a call on the unit, and yes, it’s truly geeky, but then, even your mates are impressed by the beauty of this device. A must have addition to any trekkies collection.

The Wand Company