deviantART – Art Community & Portal

deviantART is an online artistic community that I spend a lot of time exploring. There are some very good creatives who post their work at this web community and portal. With well over a million members wordwide, and having been around since it was launched in August 7th, 2000, it is a healthy and thriving community. With a name like deviantART, you’d think it would be seriously warped in nature, and whilst there are creatives who do have a distinctly dark overtone to their work, it definitely has a much broader creative appeal.

The site was created to serve as an artistic community and also to cater to the skinning requirements of DMusic. You can find the full story told here by one of the co-creators. dA now plays host to artists, writers, designers, photographers, skinners and other creatives. It provides hosting for wallpapers, skins, icons, images, photos, visualization presets, themes, art, tutorials and many other downloadables. With over thirteen million files or deviations, I daresay, you’ll be hard pressed not to find something you like. Visit deviantART now, you wont regret it.

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