Jeffrey Jones … Artist – Illustrator

When I was in my teens, and still at secondary school here in London, I and a group of friends had developed a passion for fantasy art and comics. I picked up a book called “The Studio” which featured four artists: Jeffrey Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith, Michael Kaluta and Berni Wrightson. Of these artists, Jeffrey Jones was my favourite because his art spoke to me on a level which echoed my passion for the historical and romantic in ART. Whilst my early influences were from Graeco-Roman history and mythology, “The Studio” was to introduce me to celtic mythology and its influences.

Ever since then I’ve had a love for celtic art, crafts and mythology, and also for Arthurian legends. Much of this passion for art has manifested itself in a passion for collecting art books and artistically rendered comics. Jeffrey Jones is an amazing artist who has inspired many a young person to start their own journeys in art, please visit the Website of Jeffrey Jones to see some more great art.

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