Lightzone 3.0 Released

Lightcrafts have released Lightzone 3.o. Sporting a new user interface and several new capabilities. New features include:
Working with Styles (aka templates)
History palette
New Relight tool (aka ToneMapper)
Editing of some key metadata fields
New Lift Tool

I'm very keen to give 3.0 a try but you can read more about it's new capabilities over at DOP

Lightzone 2.4

Lightzone 2.4 has been released with another great feature, which has been further enhanced for photographers, called tonemapper. The detail enhancement in Tonemapper is excellent and does an excellent job of converting Raw files which are a little soft. The new version 2.4 has also been improved with new RAW and New B&W tools.

Lightzone 2.4's RAW tool now implements an exposure slider where can sometimes recapture about +1EV for some cameras by using negative exposure. It also features color noise removal and better white balance.

For more info on how tonemapper works, visit DOP, where there is a feature article on this excellent tool...

Digital Outback Photo Post Zion Portfolio

DOP have posted a portfolio of photographs taken with a Canon EOS 5D and 1Ds MKII. Zion is one of my favourite places in the world and it is certainly one of the most beautiful, and as the subject matter of this portfolio, it's definitely worth popping over to check out the photos. The images in the gallery were processed using a combination of Lightroom, LightZone, Photoshop and several plug-ins.

Lightzone Discounted For Lightroom, Aperture & iPhoto Users

The title just about says it all, Lightcrafts have decided to discount their cool photo editing system for users of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and Apples Aperture and iPhoto Software. LightZone Basic and LightZone 2.0 can be downloaded at LightZone Basic is available at an introductory price of $99.95 for Lightroom and Aperture users until June 30, 2007. LightZone 2.0 is offered at $249.95.

New Releases From Lightroom and Photomatix

Lightcrafts have released Lightzone Version 2.3, which centres on integration with Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto. One of the best new features is the new black and white tool which has a number of enhancements over the old tool and also retains luminosity values independant of any filters used. I'm not certain how this works but I'll look into it for more clarification. For more info visit

Photomatix have released Version 2.4 of their HDRI Pro tool. Form more info visit ... The update includes a numbers of improvements and bug fixes.