HDR Labs Release The HDRI Book

The HDRI Handbook Cover
The HDRI Handbook is now available from O'Reilly Press. This book delves into the niceties of High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) and is filled with practical hints and tips, software evaluations, workshops, and hands-on tutorials. The book also has an accompanying DVD which includes HDRI software. This book was written by Christian Bloch, who is an acclaimed Visual Effects Artist and who has been working professionally in the field for years. His work can be seen in StarTrek:Enterprise, Smallville, Invasion, Lost, 24, and a growing number of movies and commercials. He is a pioneer in the practical application of HDRI in post-production, specifically under the budgetary and time restraints of TV production. Any photographer, CG artist, compositor, or cinematographer would do well to pick this up... for more info visit HDR Labs