Grubba Software Announces TrueGrain

TrueGrain is yet another example of software dedicated to emulating some of the real world characteristics of film. As you can tell from the name it is a tool designed to recreate the look of film grain. Where it differs, is that it doesn't just use noise with software algorithms to recreate this look, but actively models itself based upon the characteristics of the real world equivalent film type selected.

The TrueGrain software contains a library of grain samples and profiles for a number of classic film stocks, some of which are no longer available and are unlikely to be available in the future.

“People have been fooling around with techniques for recapturing the look of film for a while now, but most of these attempts have been tentative and generic in both thrust and result,” said Martin Doudoroff, Grubba Software collaborator. “We think TrueGrain goes quite a bit further through its empirical approach: high resolution film grain samples and meticulous databases of measurements. Our approach is brute force, but it produces the kind of results professionals are looking for. And our software makes it all quite accessible.”

TrueGrain effectively uses these samples to recreate the look and feel of the film type being emulated. With features like Spectral Response, Dynamic Range and Film Grain controls this is a truly powerful and simple tool to use. The tool looks to be a worthy addition to the arsenal of any digital photographer however it is only available for Mac OS. For more information, to view a video or to download a demo visit Grubba Software