ACDSee Release New Pro Photo Software Solution

ACD Systems International Inc., have announced their ACD See Pro2 for professional photographers. ACDSee Pro 2, features their next-generation workflow management and RAW processing functionality as tested by thousands of professional photographers. This new version of their “one-stop” software for viewing, processing, editing, cataloguing, publishing and archiving digital images is a feature rich offering which enhances their already excellent powerful Pro solution. This update was developed with input from the more than 2,500 photographers, who participated in their beta-testing program.

ACDSee Pro 2’s features enhanced processing power and performance which allows speedy viewing and handling of large RAW files. File manipulation is facilitated through features which nclude: the cutting and pasting of RAW photo settings, one-step rotating and cropping, and recovery of up to two stops of lost highlight detail with their Highlights Recovery slider. RAW files can be simultaneously exported to up to 14 different formats and multiple resolutions also included is the capability to rename, resize and embed colour profiles.

Cataloguing images using ACDSee Pro 2’s is even easier with improved metadata handling which includes automated metadata-based file sorting, advanced browsing capabilities such as “Group By,” “Filter By” and “Events View,” and read/write capabilities for both XMP sidecar files and digital negatives (DNG). Enhanced editing is supported via tools such as opacity and blending, channel mixer, and their patent-pending shadow and highlight controls.

For more information visit the ACDSee Pro2 product page...