ImageTrends Announce Sensor Kleen

Image Trends, Inc.™ which was formed from the core of the former Applied Science Fiction group, is pleased to announce the SensorKleen Pro™ a stand alone Windows application that allows the user to automatically erase sensor based dust and debris in DSLR camera images.

When they announced SensorKleen SmartBrush™ back in March ’07 at PMA Image Trends indicated that the Pro version would be available later in the year. True to their word they are making it available and are crediting the original purchase price of the SensorKleen SmartBrush towards the purchase of SensorKleen Pro. They are actually giving the user a free upgrade to SensorKleen Pro, saving them the $50 difference in price as a customer loyalty benefit.

In June of this year they also announced the PearlyWhites™ and ShineOff™ Plug-Ins. At the time they stated that the Mac versions would be available soon. Based on market reaction to these products the Mac OSX delivery was pushed up. With the products being made available with immediate effect. For more info visit Image Trends...