Focus On Digital Art Masters: Volume 2

Digital Art Masters: Volume 2
3D Total and Focal Press
US $39.95 UK £22.99

This is a title which takes a case study based look at the world of Digital Graphics and Art. I was pleasantly surprised to get this book as just the week before I had place it on my to-buy list. Digital Art Masters 2 is without a doubt an example of the kind of showcase based publication that both pros and enthusiasts will enjoy. Page after page focuses on showcasing some prime examples of work from some of the best artists in the industry.

The 3D renderings showcased here were mind blowing, there were examples which looked like paintings produced by some of the old masters, and others which look like the real thing. The 2D based illustrations don't dissappoint with examples from Benita Winckler, Hoang Nguyen and Mikko Kikkunen leading the pack. What I really appreciated was the work showing how 3D and 2D skills can be combined to create some incredible imagery.

Page after page of this book made me as an artist feel inspired and challenged by the work of my fellow imageers. If for no other reason than to add this book to your library of Artbooks you won't go wrong ... Highly Recommended. Buy it, it's well worth the price.