Public Beta of Fluid Mask 3

Vertus, announced the Public Beta of Fluid Mask 3. Fluid Mask 3 is a powerful and intuitive masking and high-quality image blending tool. Fluid Mask 3 is available as a stand-alone and Photoshop Plug-in. With Version 3 there have been enhancements with the edge detection and performance along with added improvements with blending and a new "Save Settings" option; a "Color Work Space" palette which now includes a "Color Sampler", and which enables users to select specific colors from an image and to see where else the same color appears. Also available is the "Color Work Space", a new 2-D color map enables more accurate color selection.

There are several new brush tools and an improved "Localized Edge Detection System" which enables users to perform more detailed edge finding and more refined blending. The new "Patch" system allows users to make localized changes. For more information and to download the public beta, visit Vertus Tech