Nik Software Announce Dfine 2.0

Nik Software have announce the availability of Version 2 of Dfine. This Noise reduction plug-in solution for Photoshop allows a great deal of selective control and features a revamped image processing core. The noise reduction capabilities are excellent and do a good job of maintaining exisiting detail and sharpness in the processed image. Other key Features and enhancements include:

The creation and sharing of your own profiles, with the use of a precise auto profiling system or through the manual creation of a noise reduction profile.

Profiles can be automatically loaded based on image EXIF data, saving time and ensuring an efficient workflow. This feature, however, requires a profile to have been created with Dfine 2.0 for a specific camera and ISO combination

Enhanced selective capabilities, include:

Control Points powered by U Point™ technology – This works via a single mouse click, where you place Control Points on an image and selectively adjust the amount of contrast (luminance) and color (chrominance) noise reduction.

Colors Ranges – by using an eyedropper tool to select colors, you can also reduce noise based on a range of colors. This method is ideal for batch processing a series of images.

Selective Tool – this works by using brushes allowing noise reduction to be applied selectively. For added control and fine detail adjustments, Dfine also supports pressure sensitive features optimized for Wacom® Pen Tablets.

Dfine 2.0 also has a newly redesigned user interface, which enables you to resize it (the interface) to match your workflow needs. The UI also features a new, unique Navigator Loupe which either shows details under the mouse or provides a bird's eye view of the current image. For more info read theDfine Press Release or the Product Page.