Moorman Polaroid For Sale On eBay

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has to be one of the most famous events in world history. One of the key pieces of evidence is the “Moorman Polaroid” which along with the “Zapruder Film” shows JFK at the moment he was assassinated.

This photo what shot by Dallas resident Mary Ann Moorman on November 22, 1963 and in the shot you can also see the famous grassy knoll and Abraham Zapruder as he is making his previously mentioned home movie of the assassination. Ms. Moorman can funny enough be clearly seen in the Zapruder film as the lady wearing the blue coat.

This historical photo was shot with a Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A and although not in the best of conditions, you can still clearly make out what happens in the famous image. The large thumb print you can see over the rear of the car and one of the motorcycle police was a result of handling during the official investigation back in 1963.

Ms. Moorman and Legend Sales are placing the photo up for auction on eBay starting on Monday. Legend Sales are saying that the auction will run for 10 days, and that they are expecting the photo to bring in between $500K and 2 Million dollars. Ms. Moorman herself will authenticate the Photo. Thanks to Shane McGlaun at i4u for the lead.