Adobe & European Pricing Issues

It seems that Adobe have also not woken up to the fact that people are not happy with their pricing policy. Prodig are reporting that European pricing is up twice that of the US prices. Come on Adobe, how can this be encouraging a fair market. you're going to be driving more people to buy grey market or dare, I even say it, Pirating your software.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium Upgrade
US £224 / $440
UK £465 / $912

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium Full
US £916 / $1,799
UK £1,409 / $2,766

According to Prodig, "Members of the AOP, EPUK, Hasselblad and German Freelance forums have all joined the bandwagon demanding reasons why pricing can be up to double that in the US." Come on, don't make us pay more because we're not American or you think you can get away with it ... I smell an investigation from the fair trade agencies...