PMA 2007 Show Picks

The PMA 2007 show has proved to be an interesting event in that it really didn't seem to break many major milestones. However there were a few gems on show.

On the Hardware front, we saw a New D-SLR from Canon - the 1D MKIII, which features exceptionally fast shooting speeds, an immense image buffer, a Live View LCD, the EOS Integrated Cleaning System, a lens magnification factor of 1.3x and other features a photojournalist would kill for. Pentax Showed a 645 based D-SLR which would make most studio photographers salivate, but provided no firm date on delivery. Sigma showed their new Foveon chip based SD14 DSLR, another technology worth further investigation, equally interesting was the DP1 point and shoot they showed, which features the same sensor as the SD14. Canon also introduced the 9500, and A3 printer with 10 pigmented inks and another 24" printer with 12 pigmented inks.

On the Software front, Adobe showed the release version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, which is winning fans all over the place with its designed for photographers workflow capabilities. Adobe also announced that there will be two versions of Photoshop CS3, one for existing users and an enhanced version for scientific and advanced imaging applications.

All told, it appears that there were some new products that were well worth the trip to Vegas ... maybe next year, I'll actually attend.