Vaja Ivolution Case for iPod 5G

Review by Mario Georgiou, February 2007
Available from: Vaja Corp -
Requires: Apple iPod Video 30GB
MSRP: Starts at US$70.00
Versions also available for 60GB and 80GB Models


Having enjoyed the use of a Vaja case for my iPod for over a year now I was happy at the chance of being able to review the Ivolution Case for the iPod 5G. I ordered one in black with the screen protector fitted.

As usual Vaja have lavished lots of care and attention to this product and its presentation. The packaging and quality of the leather leave you in no doubt that this is a quality product. There are also several additional versions of the ivolution from which you can chose as you can see below.

vaja ivolution variants
On placing the iPod into the case which simply slips in through a slot at the top of the case, I could see that it was well designed and easy to hold. All controls and ports on the iPod and the display were perfectly positioned and I was more than able to use the iPod without any problems, not that I expected any with a Vaja product.

The screen protector does a great job of preventing damage to my iPods screen. Having used the case for a while I did find the protector gathered a few scratches. I would like very much to recommend to Vaja to come up with a method for easily replacing the screen protector when it gets scratched.

The case is also available with two types of clip, which I am told are very good ... my associate Howard Carson has the Rivet Clip with his case for the trio and swears by it.

The best part about the Vaja case is that you can customise it in several ways. Options include selecting the type of clip, picking the colour for the front and back of the case. You can even add an embossed foil logo or text on the back of the case ... the online interface for doing so is really easy to use and very well done.

Customization UI for ivolution
This case is stunning and one of the most finely crafted accessories I've had the pleasure to use. My only suggestion is that they consider adding a flap or cover that can act as a stand and for additional protection.

Cons: It would be nice to be able to easily replace the screen guard. Price may be an issue for some purchasers.

Pros: Beautifully designed, finely crafted and finished. Performs admirably and protects your iPod well. Excellent customization options. The leather is gorgeous.

The Ivolution represents what I consider to be one of the best third party products created for Apples iPod line. The case just speaks volumes about the quality of Vaja and their approach to leather products. It is aesthetically, functionally and structurally a beautiful piece of kit. Highly Recommended.