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Steampunk Workshop Keyboard
Steampunk Workshop Keyboard - side view

Reading both Engadget and Gizmodo, I was fascinated by their coverage of a garage based project to create a keyboard that looks like it belonged in a Steampunk world. The Keyboard looks very cool and is only let down by the soft backing and the poor implimentation of the spacebar.

The keyboard was created by The Steampunk Workshop, and the process of creating it from an IBM Model M "Clicky" keyboard, is detailed here. The above images are from their final unit. Below I have re-engineered the image in photoshop to reflect what I think the unit should have looked like with a spacebar to match.

Steampunk Workshop Keyboard - photoshop image with new spacebar Whilst this isn't a creative imaging product ... it was cool enough to merit mentioning as a "I want one of those" type of post. Besides I did imageer the above image using photoshop although not enough to make me happy with the result, I intend to keep playing.