A Resolution On Resolution

So your trying to figure out what camera to buy ... do you go out and spend money on a 12 Megapixel compact, or go all out and buy a 10 or 12 Megapixel DSLR? It's an easy question to answer really ... forget all that nonsense about more is better ... the 12 megapixel images on the compact may be pretty good but you'll probably find that they are somewhat inferior to the 10 Megapixel DSLR. A lot of this has to do with the size of the sensor. Even more has to do with the capabilities of the sensor, and a combination of its sensitivity, dynamic range and the optics that the DSLR has to offer over the more compact and admittedly handier pocket cameras.

Quite simply, DSLR have larger sensors, and these larger sensors are able to record more information than the equivalent point and shoot based sensor. There are a number of technical reasons for this, but trust me it is the case. Remember, we're talking about cameras which are released in the same generation.

Before you go out and blow a pile of money, stop and think ... what do you want your camera for? Are you a photographer looking to create Art or Photos you can use for your work or business ... or will you most likely be a happy snapper who will most likely not print anything larger than a 4x6 inch or 5x7 inch print.

If you fall into the latter camp then buy a compact or pocket based Digicam. These at 8 megapixels will be able to produce effective looking prints up to even 8x10 inches. If you are a professional or fancy yourself as one then by all means get yourself a DSLR.

Don't ask me which one, because I will always spring for a full frame like the Canon EOS 5D or 1Ds MkII. but for many these full frame cameras are a bit rich. However having come from a film background, I enjoy the fact that with a full frame I can switch back and forth between my Film and Digital SLR's without too much adaptation. And my lenses all work the same ...

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