My Day @ Focus On Imaging 2007

Talk about tiring, I spent much of the day travelling ... I was up early today, and after getting only four hours sleep ... No, I wasn't partying. I was however, rudely awakened by two absolute cretins playing football outside my window at 2:30am.

Ok, what has this got to do with my experience of Focus On Imaging 2007? Let's just call me the grey man ... That's pretty much how I felt and looked all day. Although I still did it with a smile on my face.

The show itself was a real pleasure to attend, crowds of fellow Imageers, Photographers, Professionals, Amateurs, Students and fellow Writers of Light. There were many exhibitors it was a pleasure to meet. Nikon, Fuji, Apple, Adobe, Sigma, Kata, Corel, and many, many, more. Notably absent was Canon (shame on you).

The show took me about 3 hours to take in ... Yeah, I did visit all stands and having an eidetic memory, means, I can replay much of what I see and in great detail. After the first three hours I had lunch and then went back for more ... I did regret one thing, not being able to go again tomorrow.

I enjoyed seeing much of the work on display. There were photo exhibits and competition entries aplenty. There were a number of schools in attendance, some of which had talent which left me very impressed, and making note of their names for future reference.

The plethora of paper companies and film and paper companies present left me with a smile on my face ... Yes, I did say film. Apple and Adobe were showcasing Aperture and Lightroom Respectively. The crowds at all booths were overflowing. I was told however that yesterday was even busier.

For photographers looking for groups and societies to join, there were many in attendance ... I met with several fellows from the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) and was enjoying watching these venerable gentlemen huddled over their laptops discussing several technical issues. I must have looked stupid with the big smile on my face, but no apologies I was in my element and surrounded by kindred souls.

From what I saw, this is going to be a good year for imaging and photography. As I said I'm very tired today, but I will write more tomorrow.