Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Release Date Announced

Adobe have finally announced the release of their RAW workflow application Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Having worked with the beta for several months I sure many photographers will be making the jump to this excellent application. It is now available for preorder and is expected to ship in mid-February 2007. For those of you who aren't familiar with Lightroom.

Photoshop Lightroom enables professional photographers to import, manage and present large volumes of digital photographs, helping photographers spend more time behind the lens and less time at the computer. Photoshop Lightroom now includes a wealth of innovative features that streamline digital photography workflows. Recognizing the photography community for their efforts, Adobe is offering Photoshop Lightroom at a special introductory price of US $199 through April 30, 2007 at the Adobe Store. Photoshop Lightroom will later sell for an estimated street price of US $299.

For more information visit Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom™ 1.0 product pages. Do yourself a favour and watch the introductory testimonial ... the images are breathtaking.