Around the Web, 14th January 2007

In this first posting of a regular feature, in which we hope to share some of the interesting and inspirational content we come across in our regular forays for creative and digital imaging info on the web, and which will hopefully be of interest to readers of this blog.

DOP Interview John Sexton
DOP have posted their first ever audio interview. Uwe and Bettina interview master B&W photographer and printer John Sexton, in what proves to be a fascinating session. Visit DOP for the podcast.

To Delete, or Not: A Thread Worth Reading
Josh Hawkins, Carl Weese and Dave New have all written their own takes on what they think of the habit many digital photographers have in deleting photos they have taken. The Posts can all be found over at the very popular The Online Photographer blog. Well worth the read.

Marting Evening on Cloning in Photoshop CS3
Over at, Martin has written a piece on the new Clone Source palette in the Photoshop CS3 beta. Basically you can now clone and heal more precisely by using a translucent overlay of your source pixels. These sources can also be modified on the fly using the keyboard shortcuts I came across in the article and at the John Nack on Adobe blog:

Opt/Alt + Shift temporarily shows the clone overlay, plus it lets you drag it around and 'tack' it down at the desired location.
Opt/Alt + Shift + the arrow keys nudges the overlay up, down and side to side.
Opt/Alt + Shift + [ or ] rotate the source
Opt/Alt + Shift + <> scale the source

Also, to adjust rotation, position, or scale, you can also use "scrubby sliders": hover over the label on each field (H, W, etc.), then drag left or right.