DFT Release 55mm 7.0

This latest update to Digital Film Tools 55mm includes several new filters including; Chromatic Aberration, Color Infrared, Cool Mist, Defringe, Double Fog, Edge Glow, Old Photo, Pencil, Split Tone, X-Ray, and the new Two Strip and Three Strip filters. For more details on the plug-ins new filters read below. I look forward to trying these out.
- Chromatic Aberration: Chromatic aberration is caused by a lens having a different refractive index for different wavelengths of light and is seen as fringes of color around the edges of the image. This fringing is removed by un-distorting the individual color channels.
- Color Infrared: Color Infrared simulates infrared filters used in conjunction with infrared sensitive film or sensors to produce very interesting false-color images with a dreamlike or sometimes lurid appearance.
- Cool Mist: The Cool Mist filter creates atmosphere by reducing contrast and glowing highlights in combination with a cooling filter.
- Defringe: Purple or blue fringing around overexposed areas is a result of sensor overloading in video as well as digital still cameras. Defringe isolates and removes the various types of color fringing.
- Edge Glow: Edge Glow isolates lines and edges in an image and then adds glow only to these areas resulting in a stylized look.
- Fog: The Fog filter creates a soft, misty atmosphere over the image and glows highlights.
- Old Photo: Images are treated to look like a variety of historical photographic processes including Cyanotype, Kallitype, Light Cyan, Palladium, Platinum, Sepia, Silver, Silver Gelatin and Van Dyck.
- Pencil: Pencil converts your image to a pencil sketch.
- Split Tone: Shadows, midtones and highlights can be individually tinted with the Split tone filter.
- Three Strip: Known and celebrated for it ultra-realistic, saturated levels of color, the Technicolor Three Strip process was commonly used for musicals, costume pictures and animated films. It was created by photographing three black and white strips of film each passing through red, green and blue filters on the camera lens and then recombining them in the printing process. Our Three Strip filter was created under the direction of Academy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Legato.
- Two Strip: The Technicolor Two Strip process was the first stab at producing color motion pictures and consisted of simultaneously photographing two black and white images using red and green filters. This look creates an odd but pleasing hand-painted look where faces appear normal and green takes on a blue-green quality, while the sky and all things blue appear cyan. Our Two Strip filter was created under the direction of Academy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Legato
- X-Ray: Simulates the look of X-Ray images.
Having worked with earlier versions of this great plug-in suite, I can vouch for the usefulness of many of the existing filters. 55mm 7.0 is available in both Video (
Adobe After Effects and compatible programs, Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion and Avid Editing Systems.)and Photoshop compatible plug-in versions. Visit DFT for more information on 55mm 7.0.