Zigview Announce S2

After my post regarding the Proview yesterday, I was pleased to get a release on the Zigview S2 ... although it is not a wireless solution it appears to be far superior to the proview in terms of design and function. I would really like to get hold of both units to do a comparison. The unit comes in three different configurations and features a 2.5inch 230,000 pixel display.

Zigview S2 has a programmable motion detector sensor and intervalometer allowing you to control the shutter over a period of up to 999 days with exposure intervals of between ½ second and 99 days. It also features an NTSC/PAL Video Output jack. The display can rotate 300° and can flip up or down 180° for easy viewing at any angle. The image can be flipped 180° to enhance viewing ease. The S2 should be avaialble at the beginning next month, for a price of US$466 or £249.99. For more info visit either Intro2020, Argraph or Climax Digital