Catherine Leroy Dies

French Born Catherine Leroy, has passed away from Cancer at the age of 60. As a photojournalist she is famous for her work during the Vietnam War. Her work often appearing in the pages of Life magazine and other publications.

At the age of 21 she bought a one-way ticket to Saigon and began to record the life of American troops in Vietnam, becoming the only accredited journalist to actually participate in a combat parachute jump when she joined the 173rd Airborne in Operation Junction City.

Leroy was even captured by the NVA during the Tet Offensive, after talking her way out, she left with images of the NVA in action that were used for a Life magazine cover. Jonathan Randal, a longtime Washington Post correspondent who met Leroy in late 1965 said "She was tiny and totally fearless," To see examples of Catherine Leroys work visit Piece Unique Gallery.