Nikon Announce D2Xs and New Software

Nikon announced the D2Xs, which is a slightly upgraded D2X. The improvements include a larger 2.5" LCD, electronic masking of the focusing screen in high-speed crop mode, modified metering in high-speed crop mode, longer lasting battery life, a black and white mode, Adobe RGB in all color modes, up to 3 custom tone curves, 1/3 step ISO boost options, in-camera trim functions, and it's compatible with image authentication systems.

Nikon have also announced Nikon Camera Control Pro and Nikon Image Authentication. The former is an enhancement of Nikon Capture 4 Camera Control, and is compatible with Nikon Capture NX. Nikon Image Authentication is a Windows only product and is aimed at law enforcement, government, media and insurance markets. The software enables the integrity verification of images captured with the D2Xs, it can report if metadata or even the image itself has been altered since the image was taken. This last tool is especially important in forensics and any situation where images require legal usage and fidelity.