News for week of June 18 - 25

111 Megapixel Sensor
DALSA Semiconductor announced that it has developed the worlds first 100 plus megapixel sensor. This sensor, is specifically aimed at astronomy and features 10,560 x 10,560 pixels. The sensors active area measures approximately four by four inches and has a 9 µm pixel pitch. The sensor has been jointly developed with Semiconductor Technology Associates for the US Naval Observatory. I for one, am looking forward to seeing the images it produces.

Google launches Picasa Web Albums
Google announced a new web albums feature for their photo management application, Picasa. The new feature, which is only available by invitation at the moment, enables quick and easy uploading of images from Picasa to a Google hosted gallery system. With the Web Albums you get 250 MB of storage free and for $25 a year you can add an additional 6 GB of storage.

DPReview posts an exclusive preview of the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1
For those of you who are fans of Leica Lenses DPReview have got an exclusive preview of the new Lumix DMC-L1 which uses Leica "D" class lenses. This Camera is designed to comply with Four Thirds™ standard. Visit DPReview for their exclusive hands-on preview.

ExpoDisc Digital White Balance Filters will be available at Ritz Camera and Image stores
ExpoImaging told DPReview that their ExpoDisc Digital White Balance Filters will soon be available in Ritz Camera and Image stores nationwide as well as through Ritz Camera online. "The ExpoDisc design enables it to receive, scramble and transmit light from a wide angle in front of the disc through to the camera’s image sensor for a faster, easier and more accurate white balance correction. This produces excellent results, even in mixed light."
"Each ExpoDisc is manufactured and individually calibrated by hand to strict tolerances of light transmission and color neutrality. Consisting of multiple layers of carefully selected and matched optical grade materials, each ExpoDisc is guaranteed for neutrality (+/- 2%) for demanding photographic professionals." For more information visit ExpoImaging Inc.

Bibble Labs updated to 4.8
Bibble Labs have just released version 4.8 of Bibble Labs Pro and Bibble Labs Lite. These new versions are available free to existing Bibble 4 owners. This release includes advanced lens correction (distortion, chromatic aberrations and vignetting) as well as B&W and spot color filters. It also adds support for the Fujifilm S3 Pro. Visit BibbleLabs for the new version.

Apple releases Aperture update.
Apple have released Aperture 1.1.2 for Mac. This appears to be largely a maintenance and performance based release. Apple have indicated that the release "addresses issues related to overall reliability and performance." I need to get a mac to take a look at Aperture and Lightroom. The update for aperture is available here.