ArcSoft announce Panorama Maker 4

ArcSoft Panorama Maker 4 allows users to easily create seamless panoramic images from a series of digital photos. In the words of Mr. Stephan Cote, ArcSoft Vice President of Sales, Desktop Imaging Group. "Panorama Maker 4 is truly an amazing piece of software. In just seconds it will stitch a small set of pictures into a beautiful, wide-angle shot or turn a whole series of photos into a panoramic work of art, ... Almost every part of Panorama Maker has been upgraded. The workflow has been simplified, photo selection and photo ordering is now fully automated and photo stitching is fast and flawless. Fans of the previous version will love this upgrade but it's going to turn a lot of new heads too." I'll download a demo and try it out and report back when I get a chance. Panorama Maker 4 is available from the ArcSoft website.