Announcing Spymac Galleries

I dont usually like to quote directly from press releases but the following is excerpted from a relase I received from Spymacs PR Agency -Thomas PR

June 12, 2006, NY, NY – Spymac, the largest Macintosh community with over 1 million members, announced today Spymac Galleries, the first photo and video community that lets you express yourself like never before. Post photos, movies and music online for free and then discuss personal photos, new music, crazy videos, gossip, news, etc. online with friends and other Spymac members.

Available for Mac and Windows, Spymac Galleries let you upload for free massive multimedia files of up to 3GB using new “Spymac Disk” technology for exceptional drag-n-drop ease of use. An additional 9GB of online storage space and other services are also available to Spymac Club members for a small annual fee of only $25/year. Users can share or embed their photos and videos in their own or other’s blogs, auctions and web pages.

Spymac Galleries – Create Your Own Photo & Video Community

With Spymac Galleries, the emphasis is on community. Socialize, build relationships, and have fun sharing and exploring files, bookmarks, multimedia, schedules and other content with your friends and family. Files can be made public or viewable only to your friends and colleagues. Spymac visitors can comment, rate, and be polled on new multimedia creations for an unequaled interactive experience and a true community of friends and family all over the world.

Easy to Use Spymac Disk Technology

Posting to the Spymac Galleries is extremely easy. Using new Spymac Disk technology with advanced AJAX and WebDAV features, photo and video galleries can be quickly designed by dragging and dropping files. Spymac Disk makes it easy to drag files from your computer to the Spymac servers, where they can be displayed and viewed. Spymac Disk shows up on your desktop as a drive (just as an iPod or other storage device would), and managing files is just as simple as dragging and dropping photos, music and video from the drive where they are located to the Spymac Disk drive. Spymac Disk synchronizes with the Spymac site in the background while you work, so sharing and storing files online has never been easier.

Should definitely be an interesting experience and worthy of some exploration. Visit Spymac now and sign up for an account.