News for week of May 22 - 30

iView MediaPro 3.1 released
iView MediaPro 3.1 for Windows and Mac has been officially released. This new version of the popular image management software runs natively on Mactel processors and includes a Notepad tool for adding and sharing comments about cataloged items.

Canon considers halt to Film SLR Development
According to Reuters Canon is considering whether it needs to continue developing both compact and SLR film camera models because the markets for both are shrinking. This is yet another indication of how digital photography is rapidly taking over from film. The use of megapixel plus Digital sensors in camera phones and the already reasonably price compact digital camera models which have flooded the market appear to have had an effect on traditional film sales. Manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Konica/Minolta and Kodak have all seen sales of their film based usings fall dramatically.