News for week of May 15 - 21

Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro v1.2
Breeze Systems has released DSLR Remote Pro v1.2, which has added support for the Canon EOS 30D. DSLR Remote Pro enables the control of Canon DSLR cameras from a Windows PC and includes a live view allowing cameras to be controlled from up to 5m away from the computer using a standard USB cable. V1.2 also supports the Canon EOS 5D, 350D/Rebel XT, 20D, EOS-1D Mark II and EOS-1Ds Mark II, 10D, 300D/Rebel, EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds. Visit Breeze Systems for more information.

New Beta of Calico for Mac
Kekus Digital have posted a new beta of Calico, its panoramic stitching program for the Mac. New in 1.2 beta4 are bug fixes as well as PTMac project file export. Calico 1.1, is also available at Kekus Digital.

Canon EOS 30D support added to DxO Optics Pro
DxO Labs have updated their image correction software DxO Optics Pro to be able to process RAW and JPEG files captured with the Canon EOS 30D and one of 12 compatible lenses. The update is free to licensed users of v3.55b of either the Standard or Elite versions of the software.

ISO 24,000 Film from Kodak
Kodak announced the development of a new silver halide emulsion that is thermally developed to produce a positive image at speeds of up to ISO 24,000. Kodak Researchers presented a report at the International Congress of Imaging Science in Rochester, NY. You can read the conference abstract here. Kodak are investigating the viability of producing this film as a product.