Imagine Publishing Acquires Digital Photographer

Imagine Publishing issued a press release announcing their acquisition of Digital Photographer and 19 other titles from the Receivers of Highbury Entertainment. I was recently distressed at the apparent disappearance of a title which I thought was one of the best digital photography magazines on the market. So I did some digging, after getting no joy from my emails and phone calls, I came across this press release from Imagine which cleared a few things up.

Imagine Publishing was formed by some of the former staff of Paragon Publishing who Highbury acquired in 2002. The titles in Imagines acquisition include Digital Photographer, Advanced Photoshop, Play, Powerstation, Games, iCreate, X360, Digital Camera Buyer, PDA Essentials, Web Designer and Windows XP made Easy.

I look forward to seeing what they do with Digital Photographer and Advanced Photoshop. For more information visit Imagine Publishing.

Update: Imagine publish a press release detailing their plans to honour existing subscribers of the titles they intend to publish ... more detailed information can be found in this press release.