Have you visited the OpenRAW Survey?

So you might be wondering why I ask, well, you see it's like this ... I, like you, love photography and digital imaging. The problem with RAW is that it as a format suffers from being tied to the manufacturers survival. What OpenRAW is about is an initiative to make us as photographers less dependent on the manufacturers and to provide us with open standards and the tools we need to be able to access the images we have taken with our cameras for now and in the future. With film, we weren't tied to the manufacturer and we could mostly take our films anywhere to get them developed, however, with RAW, we could be held hostage by the whims of the manufacturer or worse still if the manufacturer goes belly up or decides to stop support, lose access to our images in future OS's due to the failure. So, if you care about your photos for now and in the future, add your voice and make your opinion count by completing the OpenRAW Survey.