Corel release Painter IX update.

Corel have released Painter IX.5, an update to their excellent natural media digital art application Painter IX. This update which is available for free to registered users of Painter IX requires the prior installation of IX 9.1 before you can update.

Corel list the follwing new enhancements to Painter:
- Photo Painting Palettes - The new Photo Painting Palettes, including the Underpainting, Auto-Painting, and Restoration palettes, work together to help users kick-start the process of creating a beautiful hand-painted work of art from a photograph
- Support for Rosetta running on Intel-based Macs - Customers running the latest hardware from Apple can enjoy working with Corel Painter and their Wacom® pen tablet, including support for the Wacom Intuos® 3 and the 6D Art Pen
- Eraser Tool - Conveniently located in the toolbox, the new Eraser tool erases any medium on the canvas
- Rubber Stamp Tool - The Rubber Stamp tool makes it easy for users to set up point-to-point cloning. Located in the toolbox, this tool lets users set a source and destination reference point, enabling them to clone within an image file or between different areas of separate image files
- Cloner Tool - Conveniently located in the toolbox, the Cloner tool provides immediate access to the last-used Cloner brush and brush variant.
- Corel® Paint Shop™ Pro Support for Windows users - Users can now open Corel Paint Shop Pro files (versions 9 and X)
- Send to Corel® Photo Album™ for Windows users - New integration makes it easy to send files to Corel Photo Album, helping customers manage their images and paintings
- In addition, new customers purchasing Corel Painter IX.5 will also receive 11 hours of training videos on 2 CDs

Corel Painter IX.5 also incorporates all the enhancements introduced in the Corel Painter IX 9.1 update including the Art Pen Brush Pack, which leverages Wacom 6D Art Pen technology, and dual monitor support on Windows.

Update your Painter today ... if you dont already own it and are an artist working digitally you should think about getting it today.

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