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Shaman and Bighorns - copyright 2005 Alain BriotAlain Briot lives and works in the heart of Southwestern Arizona. He has spent much of his time there producing wonderful images of what is one of my favourite parts of the world. Although born and educated in France, Alain moved the U.S. in 1986. He moved to Peoria, Arizona, in January 2003 from the Navajo Reservation, at Chinle, Arizona, having spent 7 years there. As said at Luminous Landscape "These locations allow him access to the Sonoran Desert and to new photographic opportunities. Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and the Grand Canyon are his backyard, and he explores them in depth with an artist's eye."

I can identify and be only a little envious, as I hope one day to go on a photographic tour of the region. He began his studies in photography in France, and then received his Masters degree from Northern Arizona University, where he is currently working on his PhD. The Tutorials at Luminous Landscape are excellent and provide some wonderful insights into aesthetics and photography. Do yourself a big favour and check out Briots View and Alains personal website Beautiful Landscape.