Adobe release public beta of Lightroom

Adobe have announced the public beta of Lightroom, which is a new application that has the digital photographer in mind. Lightroom is aimed at the same market space which Apple have targeted with Aperture. It's a workflow and editing application which takes many of the useful features from Photoshop and combines this with some very powerful and useful capabilities for importing, browsing and organizing your digital photos. Lightroom is no quick response to Apples Aperture however, as it has been in development for a while. As explained in this great article by Jeff Schewe (which is well worth a read if you are interested in a historical context), Shadowland (a name I like) has been created with the input and help of some of the leading luminaries in the world of digital photography. The Lightroom Beta is available only as a Mac OS X version only, but I'm looking forward to trying the Windows Version when it is available. Download the Lightroom Mac OS X Beta here. For excellent coverage of the Beta and its capabilities, please visit Michael Reichmanns Luminous Landscape for the Lightroom Preview. Whilst working with Adobe I had a chance to see this great app long before Aperture came on to the scene and whilst Aperture is certainly innovative ... it is by no means original in concept.