Digital Imaging News for December 27th 2005

DP Review celebrates their 7th anniversary...
I would like to congratulate Phil Askey and DPReview for providing 7 great years of excellent quality coverage of Digital Photography News and Issues. I have followed DPReview since its earliest days and regularly use it as a point of reference. DPReview is in my mind an example of how a web based information site and portal should operate. Well done ... Visit DPReview here.

Bibble 4.5 Released
This new release has support for several new cameras and includes major improvements to how it handles Canon .CR2 Color based cameras. Support is now included for the Nikon D200 (tethered shooting supported), the Olympus Evolt E-500, SP310, SP350 & SP500UZ, the Pentax *ist DS2, and the Sony DSC-R1. Bibble 4.5 is available from here.

DxO Labs Offers DxO Optics Pro Starter Edition
DxO Labs, have announced the DxO Optics Pro Starter Edition. DxO Optics Pro Starter Edition incorporates the same image enhancement technologies found in the DxO Optics Pro Standard and DxO Optics Pro Elite editions. It is now available from DxO Labs visit for more information.

Apple releases Aperture v1.0.1 Update
Apple has released an update (v1.0.1) for Aperture. This update for Apples Pro workflow application fixes several bugs and adds performance improvements in certain operations. The update improves the quality of photos exported in 8-bits per colour, the usability of the eyedropper and the auto stack function has been improved. There have also been fixes made to Apertures Print and Book ordering capabilities. The update is available from here.

Sigma HSM lens conflict with Nikon D200
Sigma confirmed that there is a conflict between its HSM equipped lenses and the Nikon D200. The conflict occurs when the 'AF-ON' button is pressed on the rear of the camera. It doesn't affect auto-focusing when using the shutter release button. Sigma will provide a free firmware update for affected lenses.

Canon Firmware Update for EOS 5D and 1D MKII N
Canon has released firmware updates for the EOS 5D and 1D Mark II N. The Updates improve brightness on the LCD monitor and correct errors in the language menus. The update for the 1D Mark II N also fixes a file numbering error that occurs during bulb shooting. The 5D update fixes an issue which creates unusually large files and an operational error in AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) Mode.

Microsoft update their RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer
Microsoft have released an update to its free RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP. Support has been added for RAW files from the Canon EOS 1D Mark IIn and the EOS 5D. Support for the Nikons D50 and D70s, and the D2Hs. You can get the update here.

Nikon Capture software version 4.4.0 and 4.4.1
Nikon Capture versions 4.4.0 (Windows) and 4.4.1 (Mac) is now available for download. The Windows update has added support for the D200. Other improvements include a new black and white option in the Advanced RAW tool palette for Color Modes and improvements to the way tones are reproduced in highlight areas. The Mac update addresses an issue which caused the program to unexpectedly quit whilst trying to print. You can download the windows version here and the Mac version from here .