The perfect accessory ... ZIGVIEW

Rarely do I come across an announcement of a product that is so useful that it seems to perfectly fit the preceding bit of news. ZIGVIEW is a device which simply attaches to the eyepiece of your SLR. The view in the viewfinder is captured by a CMOS sensor built into the ZIGVIEW and then relayed in real time to a 1.9 inch TFT colour display attached to this device for easy viewing at any angle.

The ZIGVIEW is perfectly suited for low angle photography and situations where you cannot easily access the viewfinder. If you are an astrophotographer, a macro or press photographer, this nice piece of kit is built for you. For more information visit DPReview's article

The ZIGVIEW is being marketed by UK distribution company
Intro2020 and will retail for around £119.99. Adaptors for your camera will cost around £6.99.