Canon woos skyshooters with EOS 20Da

Canon USA has finally announced their EOS 20Da in the US market. This variant of the 20D is specifically aimed at the astrophotography markets and has been modified with a low-pass filter which is positioned in front of the EOS 20Da’s 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. It has been modified to allow for sharper and higher contrast photos to be taken of subtle astronomical phenomena such as diffuse reddish nebulae.

According to the press release: "The modification increases the transmission of light at the specific wavelength of 656nm, known as the Hydrogen Alpha line, or H wavelength, by a factor of 2.5x compared to the standard EOS 20D digital SLR. Although optimized for astrophotography, the EOS 20Da can also be used for most conventional photography by mounting an optional filter on the lens in use."

Other useful (and read this Canon) desirable feature improvements include Mirror Lock-Up capabilities and a live view mode through the display and via a TV or monitor. I'm wondering if the remote control and capture capabilities of the camera have also been improved ... Read the press release here.