Raw Issues

Riddle me this, why promote the benefits and flexibility of the digital photography concept and then try to handcuff the user with the use of potentially limiting proprietary file formats?

One issue about OpenRAW stands out more than any other. All pundits of the RAW concept extol the benefits of using RAW format in your workflow. But nothing the camera companies have done in the past, has had as far reaching an effect on how easy it will be to get the best of OUR work using their equipment, as has the encryption of certain parts of each companies RAW formats.

All photographers, professional or otherwise, only wish full access to what is in essence their data. Certainly the technology creating it belongs to the manufacturer, but the use of an open format doesn't do anything to limit their profitability. I would counter that such openness will only encourage Camera Buyers, who have a enough of a long view of investment in their tools, to continue buying their favoured brand.

I favour Canon with my custom, and have done so for about 20 years, but this could change if they handcuff my ability to access my data. Let's hope they reveal their stance on this issue and are more forthcoming with their information.