Photographer Matthew Mahon's fabulous web site (w/ thanks to Lianne)

This is a site that I just had to post, it was posted by Lianne on her blog Liannes Lair, which is a source of some excellent weblinks and great entertainment. Lianne is a friend, who remarkably, although I've known her for about 14 years, I've only met a few of times. Lianne is also a co-contributor to - an online source for reviews of the latest hardware and software for your personal computer and PDA. I have her bookmarked and encourage you to do so as well. - Lianne writes:

This is the site of Matthew Mahon, New Jersey Photographer. Matthew has worked for Time Magazine and a host of independents but I think his claim to fame will be his site. Without question this is the most interactive site I've seen without it being some kind of game site. Scattered before you are several of Matthew's photographs along with bits of paper (receipts and such) that give us some information about Matthew himself.

Zoom in and pan around the site to get a closer look at each piece and pay special attention to those that bear icons in the lower right hand corner. An arrow will allow you to flip the photo and get information on the subject and the little sketch of Matthew's head will bring Matthew and his assistant gum chewing "Hodger" into the shot with either additional information on the photo, or some goofy repartee. Truly an original site, designed by a very creative mind.