Christian Aid uses Extensis Portfolio NetPublish Server to help promote its work

I received a press release today from Extensis talking about Christian Aids use of Portfolio and Portfolio NetPublish Server to handle their digital media assets. The Charity uses Portfolio to handle its tens of thousands of images and to make the archive accessible across their whole organization. Some of the best features in Portfolio are its cross platform compatibility and the capability to publish the catalog to the Web for easy access. This ease has enabled Christian Aid and its staff to make more effective use of their assets. This initiative has also facilitated better handling of requests from the media and journalists - one thing which is very important to any charity is getting good media coverage and anything which make this easier is a boon.

The use of Portfolio to enable this ease of access is something which all charities should take a serious look at. Imagine that you are part of the media staff and that you get a call from a reporter wanting to do a feature but looking for photos, whilst you are on the phone you find several relevant images and then ask for the reporters email address, at which point you send the images to the reporter ... by the time you've finished the conversation with them, the photos are in their inbox . How good is that?