My First Post - Imageering?

I decided at long last to try my hand at creating a blog. Much of my hesitation has to do with effort and doubt as to whether I can maintain this and also to do with whether or not folks would find anything interesting in what I had to say.

Who Am I?
My name is Mario Georgiou and I have been working in the design and the software industry for about 20 years. I've provided specialized support for many digital imaging technology companies throughout that time. I have worked with imaging products since the early 80’s and have used Adobe products pretty much since their inception. In the past I have provided creative and technical services to many software developers including companies like, MGI, Roxio, Visual Infinity, Broderbund, DMC, Mindscape and Mattel. Services I have provided includes; QA and Beta Testing, Research, Content Development, Technical Consulting, UI Design, Demo and Seminar Presentation. In addition to my Design work and Photography, I also write reviews for several online journals and websites including Kickstart News ( for whom I act as the Digital Imaging, Graphics and Design Products reviewer.

What do I want to achieve with the blog? Not to sure but time will tell...